Friday, July 16, 2010

Of Love Triangles & Pianos; 10 Best Songs --- How to Educate Clint Eastwood

Paint Your Wagon is a 1969 Hollywood film adapted from the 1951 Broadway musical, and set in a mining camp in Gold Rush-Era California. It contains, among many other items; Clint Eastwood playing one side of a Love Triangle and singing songs.

James Coburn & Jean Seberg (The other two sides)

We all know and appreciate Clint's efforts in westerns, including the famous triangle in "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly".

And so what is our response (at least mine) to this Lover-Boy, song singing, one side of a Love Triangle Clint.

a) Disbelief
b) Amazement
c) Shock & Awe
e) All of The Above

I suspect most Clint fans would select "e", as I did.
Because, all us Bollywood fans can see that Clint has not done his homework. Need I mention, "How to do a Lover-Boy, Sing Songs, and play a side of a Love Triangle" is Bollywood 101.
Just to ram home the point; I present 10 Bollywood songs based on a Love Triangle AND picturized with a character playing a piano.
Note that I selected the piano, a "Western" instrument for the following reasons :-
1) Adds a cross-border appeal.
2) Indian instruments like the sitar or tabla just do not have the necessary impact.

Let the education begin.

Film: Dhund
Triangle : Danny Denzongpa (Husband), Zeenat Aman (Wife), Sanjay Khan (Wife's confidant)
Other : A decent whodunit murder mystery, with the love triangle being an added bonus.

Film : Muqaddar Ka Sikander
Main Triangle : Amitabh Bachchan (loves Raakhee), Rakhee (loves Vinod Khanna), Vinod Khanna (loves Raakhee)
Polygon : Rekha (loves Amitabh), Amjad Khan (loves Rekha)
Other : I did not make this up, go see the movie if you do not believe.

Film : Patthar Ke Sanam
Triangle : We have Manoj Kumar, Waheeda Rehman & Mumtaz in here (with Pran in the background.) If Bollywood cannot create a triangle out of this, I would loose all faith in Bollywood.
Other: Note the chandelier & the staircase.

Film : Lal Patthar
Triangle : Vinod Mehra (loves Raakhee), Raaj Kumar (Husband), Raakhee (Wife)
Quadrilateral : Hema Malini (Raj Kumar's Mistress)
Other : Hema Malini considers this role to be one of her best.

Pyar Deewana Hota Hai
Film : Kati Patang
Triangle : This requires the use of advanced math like imaginary numbers. The third side of this triangle is really non-existent, but one of the other sides does not know this.

Film : Baharen Phir Bhi Aayegi
Triangle : I am guessing it is Dharmendra, Mala Sinha & Tanuja.
Other : This was Guru Dutt's last film, he did not complete it. His style is evident in this song ( I do not know if he directed it.)

Film : Gumraah
Triangle : Sunil Dutt (Mala Sinha's pre-marriage boyfriend), Ashok Kumar (Mala Sinha's husband), Mala Sinha (a "straying" wife)
Other : Wikipedia informs us that the song was written by Sahir when his love-interest (Sudha Malhotra) got married to someone else.

Film : Teen Deviyaan
Quadrilateral : Nanda, Simi & Kalpana (all love Dev Anand), Dev Anand (Initially loves all 3, the suspense is his final selection.)
Other : Again, I did not make this up.
Best Quip : Simi during the shooting, "This movie should be re-named Ek Dev"

Film : Andaaz
Triangle : Raj Kapoor (Husband), Nargis (Wife), Dilip Kumar (in love with Nargis)
Other : Possibly Bollywood's first major triangle.

Film : Sangam
Triangle : Raj Kapoor (Husband), Vyjanthimala (Wife & loves Rajendra Kumar), Rajendra Kumar (loves Vyjanthimala)
Other : The perfect equilateral triangle, all 3 characters love each other (well the 2 male's is strictly friendly; no "Brokeback Mountain" here.)
More Trivia : Rajendra Kumar's role was written for and first offered to Dev Anand, who refused. Raj then offered it to Dilip Kumar, who wanted to direct the movie, and so Raj refused. The next was Shammi Kapoor, who wanted Raj's role, and so Raj refused once again. Finally, Rajendra Kumar got it.

Please refer to AK's brilliant comment on why this should be an isosceles triangle.

After this education, do you think Clint can make the transition from the triangle shown below, to any of the 10 triangles shown above.