Saturday, February 11, 2012

Harvey's 70's Farmaish

In his recent post, fellow blogger Harvey thinks I know a lot about 70's songs, and had this farmaish.
"Wouldn’t you like to do a 70s gaana post. Somehting like a hit parade of each year in the 70s or fads of 70s gaana or Dev in the 70s mood. "
It is kind of Harvey to think that, I did see a lot of movies in the 70's, but would not consider myself an expert. However, a 70's Farmaish cannot be ignored; and hence this one is for Harvey.
Doing a post on hit parade of each year in the 70's does not appeal to me, and I already did one on fads of the 70's. The theme I decided was underrated songs, or songs that were not always the biggest hits of a particular year, or songs that would not be considered the most popular of the hero/heroine on whom they were filmed. My earlier post emphasized "Over-The-Top" songs, this one attempts to counterbalance and also lend some measure of respect to some of the 70's songs.
I broke out the list into 4 categories, and to please Harvey (and myself), one of those is 70's Dev.

Harvey started his post on a bicycle, he rides to work in very cold weather. I also like bicycling as a sport, so what better reason for the first category.

1) Guzar Jaye Din --- Annadata
This is probably the best solo bicycling song of the 70's.  Anil Dhawan represents another feature of the 70's, namely the presence of several non-big-star heros who had great songs filmed on them. Others in this category include Vinod Mehra, Navin Nischol, Vishal Anand, Rakesh Roshan, Vijay Anand, Amol Palekar, Rakesh Pandey, Kiran Kumar, Vijay Arora, and Mahendra Sandhu. You are a big-time 70's expert if you can create a list of good songs that only have one of the above mentioned heros :)
P.S. This song complies with Dustedoff's stringent standards of at least 90 % + duration on the bicycle. :)
P.P.S. Legend has it that Kishore thought this was a very complex song meant for Rafi, and had to be coaxed into singing it. (I don't remember where I read this, it could have been someone commenting on one of the blogs.)

Pre Stardom
Coming to the stars of the 70's, and this decade had plenty of them, but several of them were still struggling in the early days.

2) Nainon Mein Darpan Hai --- Aarop
Keeping with the bicycle theme, this is a pre-stardom Vinod Khanna with an established married star Saira Banu. The 70's were famous for much older heros (Dev Anand) pairing with younger women, but there were also a few senior established heroines (Saira Banu, Asha Parekh, Mala Sinha, Sharmila Tagore, Mumtaz) pairing with new comers.
In his initial days Vinod Khanna played a villain, something also done by at least two other 70's male strugglers --- Amitabh Bachchan & Shatrughan Sinha.

3) Tum Bhi Chalo Hum Bhi Chale --- Zameer
Amitabh Bachchan's struggle was perhaps one of the most intense, and it probably helped him in his later career.  Here he is singing an excellent but underrated song while reprising Dev Anand's role from Bambai Ka Babu in the film Zameer. Saira Banu plays Suchitra Sen's role, and Shammi Kapoor (her first hero) plays her father. This was one of the first Shammi as a character actor film, and we also see Saira continuing to star with junior heros (in stature not in age.)

4) Barkha Rani, Jara Jamke Barso --- Sabak
Another feature of the 70's was several real-life husband-wife pairs, Dharam-Hema, Amitabh-Jaya, Rishi-Neetu, Randhir-Babita; Shatrughan & his wife Poonam also starred in at least one film --- Sabak. In a much later interview Shatru showed his self-deprecating style of humor saying --- "Prior to my marriage my mother-in-law used to complain that it did not matter whether  my photos with Poonam were in color or B&W, they always looked B&W". This song is probably one of the few sedate non-OTT Shatru songs, just goes to show the troubles one had to face while not being a star :)
P.S. While playing poker or teen-patti and holding only two kings, I still pull out the famous Shotgun line from Kaala Patthar "Mere Tash Ke Tirpanve Patte, Teesre Badshah Hum Hain"

5) SaReGaMaPa --- Abhinetri
Last but most certainly not least is Hema Malini, a star who faced the least amount of struggle, and who dominated most of the 70's. She started out with Raj Kapoor, and soon delivered her first major hit with Dev Anand, and here she is extremely poised with Shashi Kapoor. This wonderful song was a big hit when it was released, but it is a challenge finding a pre-stardom underrated Hema Malini song. Her other songs during this brief period include "Kitne Din Ankhen Tarsegi" & "Sharafat Chod Di Meine".

Post/End Stardom
Two major stars saw a decline/end to their stardom, and by a curious coincidence both involved Amitabh Bachchan.

6) Dakiya Dak Laya --- Palkon Ki Chao Mein
There is not much I can add to one of the dominant theme of the 70's, the Rajesh-Amitabh rivalry, and Amitabh's dethroning of Rajesh's super-stardom. Again keeping with the initial bicycle theme, I have Rajesh in post-superstar underrated song from Palkon Ki Chaon Mein.

7) Tu Lali Hai Savere Wali --- Abhi To Jee Lein
The second star is Amitabh's wife Jaya Bhaduri, who left films after her marriage. As the spectacular song shows, this was indeed a big loss for Bollywood.  "Abhi To Jee Lein" was released in 1977, a time when Amitabh was the undisputed superstar. Several 50's & 60's Hindi film fans believe that 70's music did not match up, but it could be argued that the real decline began in the mid-to-late 70's. Did Amitabh's super-stardom cause the decline in music standards, or was it merely a coincidence, I leave it open for debate.

Personal Connections
A completely whimsical category.

8) Jeevan Mein Humsafar Milte to hai Zaroor --- Taxi Taxie
Harvey and me go back and forth about plain looking Ghati males, and Amol Palekar is a perfect example. Amol excelled in playing the common man, and had several really good songs. I selected an underrated one, hopefully it is appreciated.

Zindagi Ke Safar Mein Na Jane Kab Kaise Yeh Do Anjane Hue Pyar Mein Yu Deewane --- Damaad
In keeping with the 70's bicycle theme, here is Amol Palekar and Ranjeeta on a bicycle in "Damaad".

9) Jeene Ka Din Mar Jaane Ka Mausam Hai In Nazaaron Mein --- Gomti Ke Kinare
If you knew this hero is Sameer Khan, the younger brother of Feroz & Sanjay Khan, full marks to you. "Gomti Ke Kinare" was Meena Kumari's last film, and the song is one of RD Burman's underrated ones.
P.S. --- Harvey, I hope you stop complaining about me giving you bicyclist Anil Dhawan, I saved Sameer Khan for myself :)

70's Dev
It goes without saying that I have to include 70's Dev, I have two of them ---
The first is an underrated song from Shareef Badmash, and the second is perhaps the best 70's bicycle duet.

10) Tere Sau Deewane
Notice the pink shirt, pink cap & probably pink lipstick ;). Oh all right, I had to bring in some OTT, how can you do a 70's post without OTT, especially when 70's Dev is involved.

He Maine Kasam Li --- Tere Mere Sapne
To make up for the earlier OTT.


Ava Suri said...

Oh Lovely! I adore that song from Annadata. It was a such a nice movie, and all its songs were good. I adore 'Nis din nis din' sung by Jaya (in the film- waise of course by Lata).

I know each and every song on this list. I am a true-blue 70s babe!

This is a wonderful post, I must thank Harvey for drawing you out of your hibernation. May you always rock your bike Harvey.

(thats what we called our bicycles when we were young)

Ava Suri said...

In the Tu Lali hai savere wali song Jaya looks glamourous. She resembles Tina Munim at times. I always felt that Jaya let the Guddi image limit her. She was always playing 'saree-tightly-wrapped-around-her-thin-shoulder' goody two shoes character.

samir said...

I always knew you were a true-blue 70's babe :), and I am an out-and-out 70's dude.
You mean to say you know about Sameer Khan, I congratulate you on being brave :)
I like "rock-your-bike" :)

samir said...

Yes, Jaya does look glamorous in "Tu Lali Hai", she also looked glamorous in several songs in "Jawaani Deewani". And yes, I agree she did limit herself to those goody-two-shoes roles. I know several people who think she is the best looking & most talented of the 4 Bachchans.

dustedoff said...

I am obviously not a true-blue 70s babe like Ava, because there were several songs here that I hadn't heard before (that one with Sameer Khan, for instance - so that means Mumtaz worked with all three brothers, huh? I didn't even know there were three of them).

I love your list, Samir, and Harvey, thank you for that request. :-)

harvey said...

Thank you Samir!!!!!!! To your 70s post I also have a title which suits the 70s: Yaar Ho To Aisa!

"Harvey thinks I know a lot about 70's songs"

It is not the question of thinking or believing. Harvey knows it, because samir always proves
him right!

"to please Harvey (and myself), one of those is 70's Dev."

Yay! Bring them in!

Bicycle songs: kya theme hai!

I like guzar jaaye din a lot. Salil Choudhary has give an excellent score for this film. He was to heard in many early 70s in the cross-over cinema but then he disappeared, wonder why?
What makes me wonder more is why is he aimlessly riding his bicycle from the seashore to the mountains? Kaamdhandha nahin hai kya usko? And then to put his bag on one shoulder. Anybody who has rode a bicycle with such a bag will tell you that it will slip all the time from your shoulder. To prevent this one must put it diagonally across the chest.

As soon as you mentioned bicycle songs the ones which sprung in my mind were nainon me darpan hai and ae maine kasam li. I hope in both the songs, they had given Mumtaz and Saira Banu a pillow or arranged the second seat to sit on. I know it from my childhood experience that it can be very painful, while riding over a bumpy road or fields.

"to please Harvey (and myself), one of those is 70's Dev."

Yay! Bring them in!

Bicycle songs: kya theme hai!

I like guzar jaaye din a lot. Salil Choudhary has give an excellent score for this film. He was to heard in many early 70s in the cross-o

harvey said...

Tum bhi chalo hum bhi chale is one of my fav. It sounds so much like Pancham for my ears. So this is a remake of Bambai ka Babu.
Madhu and I were discussing about romantic filmi pairs, who in later films play father-daughter or mother-son. The most famous example is of Rakhee and Amitabh ffor the latter case, for the former case there is Ashok Kumar-Mala or Ashok Kumar-Nutan.

Barkha rani was one song, which I hated when young, but now find it to be very beautiful. But I would rather lsiten to the audio rather than watch Shatrughan Sinha. He had lots of attitude, but not the one which endears to me.

Dakiya daak laya has nice lyrics! I think the poet is Gulzar! The other song which I like from this film is koi meri maathe ki bindiya saja de.

Dakiya dak laya also reminds of another bicycle song: ek ritu aaye ek ritu jaaye from Gautam Govinda, who after he gave a hit with Yaadon Ki Baarat started fading into oblivion. The last I saw of him was in the serial Ramayana where he played Ravana's son, Indrajit. He passed a few years back.

Jaya and Danny as a romantic pair! I didn't know that. They were very good friends and Jaya it seems always supported him from being teased as chini by the students at the Film Institute.
I knew this song, but I didn't know that it was picturised on Jaya and Danny.

I saw Taxi-Taxie a few months back, just for the songs. The songs by Hemant Bhosle have this Pancham flavour.
Ghati is such a varied term. Maharastrians use it for people who really come from the ghats or from villages. My cousin uses it for her in-laws. The elite in Bombay use it for all Maharastrians just like North and W. Indians say Madrasi to all the people south of Maharashtra and Orissa. :-D

I had nearly about forgotten zindage ke safar me na jaane. Thanks for reminding me of it. I remember having watched this on DD as a late night movie.
The film was a hoot. Just looked it up. The music director is Hemant Bhosle again.

harvey said...

"Harvey, I hope you stop complaining about me giving you bicyclist Anil Dhawan, I saved Sameer Khan for myself :)"!!
ROTFL,Like I said before: Yaar ho to aisa! :-D
Gomti Ke Kinare has a good score, doesn't it? But from the few scenes, what I have seen from this film, it must be the one for the bins.
I like the other song in this film as well: Aao jaan-e-jahan, where Pancham has interchanged the antara-mukhada pattern.
Mumtaz looks as usual fabulous! She must have been a great person to have around!

Who is this guy with hema in the boat: Raj Babbar's father or his elder brother?
Pink shirts!!!!! Dev! But you can't call it OTT. I think it is very realistic. After all he uses a mike to serenade his heroine. That was teh first step in the direction of realistic art cinema!

Lovely post, Samir with the equal doses of humour and info!
Thanks again!

Ava Suri said...

Samir, I said I knew all the songs, not the singers. You forget we heard the songs on ye olde radio, most times. I have heard quite a few songs on chitrahaar though.

samir said...

No less than 4 Khan brothers played the hero in Bollywood, the 4th was Akbar Khan. I certainly don't recommend watching the last 2 (Sameer & Akbar), just that the 50's & 60's high quality music had not appreciably dimmed in the early 70's and even 2 - 3 film heroes like Sameer were its beneficiaries. Mumtaz did end up working with 3 of 4 Khan brothers.
And yes, the true question ought to be why do I end up knowing all this nonsensical stuff; the best I can say in my defense is I don't actively seek such information, it just happens to be there :)
Thanks for appreciating the post :)

samir said...

@ Ava
No one wants to admit watching a Sameer Khan movie, except me :). I too heard most of the songs on radio, but living in Bombay, I did get to see many more movies. And I forgot to add my appreciation for Annadata songs, especially "Nis Din". I actually even knew a person who black-marketed Annadata tickets. A far cry from Dev Anand in Kaala Bazaar :)

samir said...

Thanks for all the kind words, and for appreciating this post.
As I told Ava, I liked most Annadata songs, and as to why Salil Chowdhury disappeared afterwards is a mystery.
LOL @ the accurate Anil Dhawan Jhola observation, and I do not know the reason for his cross-country safar:)
As regards pillows for double-seat bicycle riding, that is a question for actual set designers/directors/producers; but one that must be raised :)
Zameer is Bambai Ka Babu plus 70's lost-and-found masala, and in the end does not retain much of the BkB flavor. It did have Shammi-Saira in a father-daughter pair :)
Barkha Rani, as you said, is probably best heard on radio; it is one of Shotgun's least OTT songs.
I do like that Hema song from Palkon Ki Chaon Mein, thanks for recommending it.
I did remember Vijay Arora & Ek Ritu Aye, nice song, and certainly deserves to be in a bicycle song list. I did not know about Vijay Arora playing a character in Ramayan, he sort of disappeared after Yaadon Ki Baarat.
Danny & Jaya do make a cute pair, but I had not heard about their friendship at FTII.
Amol Palekar had some very good underrated songs, most know about GolMaal & Chotisi Baat & Gharonda & Chitchor & Baton Baton Mein. He did do a lot of good work for the Marathi theatre, and continues to make some really good movies (Dhyaas Parva)
And yes, there are all these connotations to Ghati, some of them derogatory, and I am glad to be a Ghati. :)
I do not remember if I saw Gomti Ke Kinare, but I saw Pasand Apni Apni, starring Sameer Khan & Simi Garewal in a double role :) But, as you point out, GKK did not deserve to go anywhere.
LOL @ father/brother of Raj Babbar, do not know who that actor is. Shotgun also acted in Shareef Badmash :)
LOL @ "That was teh first step in the direction of realistic art cinema!", we should consider ourself lucky to have learnt at the feet of Prof. Dev Anand :)
Thanks once again :)

Ava Suri said...


Akbar Khan got to sing that wonderful song, if I am not mistaken. Yeh bambai shehr hadson ka shehr hai.

He was handsome too - not like Sameer yuck. But did not make it.

samir said...

@Ava :
I did not see any Akbar Khan movies, did he just make Haadsa, or some more. Of the 4 Khan brothers my favorite, and the only one I liked, was Feroz.

harvey said...

I didn't know that Sameer Khan acted in more films. I thought he was an one film 'unwonder'. Poor Simi, she had to act with many 'heroes'!

Sameer isn't totally yucky! He looks okay at times. His wooden acting and standing around like a cardboard cut-out is what make shim look yuck. What he needed is a hair stylist. A good hair stylist.

I came to know of his existence because I was searching for the songs of Gomti ke Kinare! Being a Pancham Pankha has its pitfalls.

I don'#t think Akbar Khan worked in more films than Hadsaa. I remember the publicity was running full gear at that time and highlighting the lead pair's love affair. After the film he dropped Ranjeeta though.

Feroz or Sanjay is a hard choice. Sanjay looks more handsome for me, but I think Feroz was the more sympathetic one. Moreover he bared his chest more than his younger brother, which is always a plus. ;-)

harvey said...

BTW Amol also had Teen Deviyan in Taxi Taxie. Reena Roy, Rama Vij and Zaheera. Amol being Amol the story was not like that of TD. The end is not about whom will he choose but whom he ends up with.

samir said...

Sameer can be substituted for a tree, he is that wooden :)
I vaguely remember all that hype about the Akbar Khan - Ranjeeta pairing, but I thought Haadsa did not get released. Now Ava & you say it did get released, I suppose it sank without a trace.
Yes, Feroz's bare chest were the only topless shots allowed by the censors back then ;)
I have not seen Taxi Taxie, maybe one day I will; nice to know more about it.

Ava Suri said...

Nono.. I am sure the film did not get released either. The song has survived the film and has been covered once or twice. I have no idea about what Akbar did...

@Harv, I think Sanjay looks handsome too, but Feroze had a lot lot more charisma.

I remember watching him in Safar and feeling like kicking Sharmila for ignoring her gorgeous husband played by Feroze and running after Rajesh.. ew.

harvey said...

So Haadsaa didn't get released? But they did so much publicity before hand. There were songs in Chhaya Geet and all. I remember seeing its posters in Bombay.

samir said...

@ Ava & @Harvey
I just read the imdb entry on Haadsa,
and in contains one review.
This in itself does not prove it got released, may just have gone to video; in any case this reviewer thought the movie was unimpressive, with Smita Patil the only saving grace. Apparently, Smita Patil plays an obsessive, mentally ill and sexually frustrated person; possibly a precursor to "Fatal Attraction" :)
Feroz was cool, I agree that Sharmila should have picked him over Rajesh in Safar :)

Ava Suri said...

There was equal amount of brouhaha about it not being released.

samir said...

Do you know why it was not released ? It does seem to have made it to video.

harvey said...

"There was equal amount of brouhaha about it not being released."

I can't remember hearing about it. Maybe it was not released in Punjab/Gujarat.

Shilpi Bose said...

I have been meaning to put in my two bit but lack of time makes it difficult. I know this is a 70s list but all the same I have one song which though not of the 70s belongs to the late sixties, it is this one from Padosan Main Chali mai chali

samir said...

Thanks for that great bicycle song.
The 50's & 60's had several great bicycle songs, but the 70's were not too bad.

Anu Warrier said...

From your list? Guzar jaaye din din din definitely! Kishore couldn't sing it; he needed retake after retake. :)

Zameer is a remake of Bambai ka Babu? This is the first I've heard of it. :( Oh, I know the trope of AB landing up there as Saira's brother is the same, but here, he is sent deliberately, and the real son is alive anyway, not murdered by AB. *AND* he gets the girl. Sister, or no sister. :)

samir said...

Note I intentionally wrote "reprising Dev Anand's role from Bambai Ka Babu", & not "Zameer is a remake of Bambai ka Babu?" :)
I knew someone as knowledgeable as you (really you) would be reading this minutely, so I took care to hedge :)
Ultimately, Zameer & BkB are as similar as chalk & cheese :)

Ak said...

Taking up your suggestion, I have ten Anil Dhawan songs...all from the 70 s. ..or so I think

samir said...

I would love to see that "10 Anil Dhawan song list".

Ak said...

Will do soon. Left my notebook had jotted in a notebook which I left as soon as I get that back :-)

raja said...

What a fantastic post! Brings back lots of memories. I was a khaati 1970s guy - so I knew all these songs. Lovely to see "tu laali hai savere waali" - I love that song!

samir said...

@Raja :)
Thanks for the comment, me & Ava are your long-lost 70's brother & sister :)

Ava Suri said... I will sing this for you, Raja, and dare you to wear the orange vest.

raja said...

Ha ha...ok, deal. I accept the challenge. Those who care about what others think about them, may balk at the thought. But guys like me are actually happy to challenge all those "straitjacket" (pun intended) guys. :-)

So I'll gladly wear that orange vest. :-)

Yword said...

how nice to be reading a post by you again sameer - and what a nostalgia-inducing one. was musafir hoon yaaaron also on a bike? no i think jeetu was walking.

samir said...

@Ava & @ Raja
I want to see everyone wear orange/red/pink vests, at least one day in a year. :)

samir said...

Glad to see you back. I have not been active, but try to write now & then. I think "Musafir Hoon Yaaron" was initially in a taanga, and end with Jeetu walking.

Shalini said...

As a child of the 70s, I have deep affection for the music and movies of that time. Which means that I loved this post!

Wonderful picks, though I
personally would have substituted "aao-jaane-jahan" for "jeene ka din" from GKK, which incidentally is a pretty decent movie.:-)

You're right about being able to compile a great playlist of 70s songs featuring just the B-list heroes of the era. I hope you pursue it. Here's an inspiration:

samir said...

Glad you liked this post, and great to find another 70's alum. :)
It is wonderful to get an update on GKK, "aao-jaane-jahan" is an interesting song. I remember this movie as one of those quiz questions --- "Which was Meena Kumari's last movie ?". Many would answer Pakeezah, but technically GKK was her last released movie. Has this under-rated song
Thanks for the encouragement re: 70's B-List star songs, I will certainly pursue it :). Aside from several B-List heros, there were plenty B-List heroines such as Radha Saluja, Yogita Bali, Zaheera, Rehana Sultan etc; and they have some great songs.
"Yeh Wahi Geet Hai" is a great song, for some reason I associated Mahendra Sandhu with it :)

Bollyviewer said...

And I thought I knew a lot about the 70s! I have heard the Gomti Ke Kinare songs (especially Aao ao jaan-e-jahan) but I had no idea there was a Sameer Khan. Thought they stopped at three, with Akbar "Hadsa" Khan being the third.

Barkha rani zara jam/tham ke barso was not an unknown or underrated song at my home. Papa was fond of belting it out (less than tunefully) anytime rain threatened! :D

samir said...

I am sure your knowledge of the 70's is very good, Sameer Khan is just one of those "blink and you will miss" things. Unfortunately, I was in "the right place at the right time" (perhaps that right should be wrong).
And you are the third to recommend "Aao-Jaane-Jaana", I think this has to be an all-time high for Sameer Khan :).
Nice to know your father's singing habits, did this song usually cause rain ?. If yes, perhaps it should be made mandatory for all drought stricken areas :)